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My name is Kris Koeller. I live in New York and work in operations, but I'm also an amateur photographer, amateur travel writer and amateur web developer.

I've been a consultant, an accountant, a technologist, a supply chain guy, an operations guy and have managed projects large and small. I've worked for Arthur Andersen, Gap, Banana Republic and Apple. The past two years I've been a freelance retail consultant; I recently joined Quirky as the Head of Supply Chain, Operations & Systems. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

I've traveled extensively the past 15 years and have documented most of my travels on my blog. You can search the archives and find lots of interesting content tagged by keyword. I've had a number of photos published by the AP, travel guides, National Geographic and other publications. In 2013, I was listed on's Top Travel Photographers as well as featured as a "Very Handsome Man" on Travel UK's Top 5 Photo Travel Blogs, and last summer Gap China used one my photos from Hong Kong on a t-shirt sold across China.

This is my website; home to my blog, photos and other fun stuff. I like Manhattans. I shoot Nikon.

About this site:

All the pages you see here are text pages generated by a Content Management System (CMS) of my own design. The CMS runs on a server somewhere in Virginia. The CMS uses MySQL for its backend database.

The CMS automagically uploads the text files to Amazon's Simple Storage Solution (S3) that hosts the content you see here. Most of the images are hosted by Flickr, but a number of the older posts' images are also hosted on Amazon. Amazon S3 is cheap, fast and pretty reliable.

The blog commenting system is also my own design, and is hosted on the same server in Virginia. Comments are dynamically inserted into the blog posts via an iframe, and are the only dynamic content visible to users. The commenting system and the server occasionally Tweet interesting and uninteresting things posted by me and fans of The website's Twitter account is @kpkdotcom, but I use the Twitter handle, @kriskoeller.

I use JavaScript to load CSS pages dynamically based on your user agent, which means the site is custom styled depending on if you're reading from a PC, an iPhone, an iPad or Internet Explorer (its entirely appropriate the custom CSS file for Internet Explorer is called, 'turd.css'). There are a few open-source compenents herein; namely FancyBox for managing the photo "click to enlarge" feature, and MonkehTweet that manages the site's Twitter account, @kpkdotcom.

Enjoy the site, but please don't use Internet Explorer (its a turd).

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