A New York City Snow Storm
February 09, 2013
The much-hyped Blizzard of 2013 arrived yesterday and blanketed the city with about a foot of snow (neighbors to the north and across New England got 30 inches or more). By 11AM on Saturday, the snow had stopped and the sun had re-appeared. It was still cold and gusty, but the snow was already turning into an inconvenient mush, and much of the trees and surrounding buildings had started to thaw. I walked over to Madison Square Park to snap a few photos, and found the park full of kids, dogs and photographers. A New York City Blizzard - 2013-0209-KPK_4214
The intersection of 23rd and Broadway after the snow
A New York City Blizzard - 2013-0209-KPK_4192
The Flatiron Building from Madison Square Park