A New York City-Sized Nightstand
October 25, 2012
Since we bought this king-sized bed in February, I've been needing a nightstand for really no other purpose than to charge my iPhone over night. I finally got around to solving this today. Its a 6-inch lacquer box with a velcro cord storage underneath. Total cost: $11. It took longer to take these photos than it did to install. DIY Nightstand Project - 2012-1025-DSC_2935_9215
If I ever buy a bedside lamp, this setup is toast
DIY Nightstand Project - 2012-1025-DSC_2926_27201
Velcro cord storage underneath. Unplug it and stick it
DIY Nightstand Project - 2012-1025-DSC_2949_98899
Secured to the wall using Command Strips. Supports 15 pounds
tags: geekdom, iphone