A One-Day Tour of Washington DC
October 15, 2012
Today I'm taking a break from posts about Portugal to share some photos from our weekend trip to Washington DC. Our friends Lana and Dean were in New York last week from San Francisco, and Friday night we all drove down to Washington DC to visit Lana's sister Lauren and her husband Martin. Lauren and Martin recently moved to Bethesda, and incredibly I had never been to Washington DC, so we took a one-day tour of the National Mall followed by dinner and drinks. We didn't have time to tour the many terrific museums, but we did pop into the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Otherwise, we enjoyed nearly perfect weather for seeing the many monuments in the area. I'd like to return this winter to tour the museums, and I'm sure we'll come back to see the dozens of other monuments that didn't make the cut this year. Many thanks to Lauren and Martin for being terrific hosts, and enjoy the photos! (Note: I've added a few "before & after" shots in here so you can see the unedited original versus the post-processed result. These are indicated in the captions). Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2635_14446
Ready to start the tour: Martin, Lauren, Lana, Dean & Jessica
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2669_47800
The Whitehouse (click to enlarge & see original unedited photo)
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2673_50352
Me & Jessica at the Whitehouse
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2733_17099
The Washington Monument (click to enlarge & see original unedited original photo)
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2762_4278
The Washington Monument from the World War II Memorial
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2744_96509
Fountains at the World War II Memorial
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2778_114372
Jessica at the World War II Memorial
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2785_83668
Re-enacting a famous scene from Christmas Story: I double-dog dare you...
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2789_60598
Long shadows at the Washington Monument
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2811_42710
The US Capitol Building (click to enlarge & see unedited original photo)
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2845_93917
The National Archives (click to enlarge & see original unedited photo)
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2847_52915
I toast the tour group at Central
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2862_60580
Oysters at happy hour
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2880_32436
Waiting on the Metro for the ride home
Washington DC - 2012-1013-DSC_2899_29852
Lauren, Martin & Dean on the Metro