The Opposite House Hotel in Beijing, China
February 27, 2012
Tripadvisor is a terrific resource, and one we use heavily when planning any upcoming trip. We put a lot of energy into deciding on a hotel, always seeking out those innovative, up-and-coming and unique places that really make for a memorable vacation. The candid traveler photos on Tripadvisor really give you a sense of the place, showing you firsthand what the rooms, bathrooms, amenities look like without careful staging or studio lighting. As much as I've been an avid Tripadvisor user, I've not been a great contributor. So, we're vowing to take the time and energy to shoot a few photos and do a quick writeup.

During our most recent trip to Beijing we stayed at the wonderful Opposite House Hotel. The name comes from the guest house that would sit opposite the main house on some wealthy person's estate. The hotel isn't cheap (by China standards), but not overly expensive and its attached to an attractive mall with lots of lively nearby nightlife. Famed travel photographer Trey Ratcliff stayed at the hotel the week before us, and his pictures of the pool and spa are much better than the ones I took.

Anyway, look for my reviews on Tripadvisor. Here are a couple of hotel photos to get things rolling. The Opposite House Beijing Exterior
The hotel's checkerboard exterior
The Opposite House Beijing
A Studio 75 Room bedroom and sitting area
The Opposite House Beijing 2
The incredible bathroom with rain shower and bamboo soaking tub
The Opposite House Beijing 5
If you like minimalist design, you'll appreciate the lack of...pretty much anything
Winter in Beijing China - 2012-0104-DSC_1407_121964
The study area and wardrobe, preset with a couple of really tasty treats
A Welcome Cupcake at the Opposite House Beijing
After a 13 hour flight from JFK, these cupcakes didn't stand a chance