Yves St. Laurent's Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco
November 09, 2011
Yesterday I read an article about the passing of Loulou de la Falaise, the long-time collaborator of legendary French fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. The two were nearly inseparable throughout his prolific career and up until his death in 2008. Reading about their work, it reminded me of our visit to Marrakech in September of 2008. During that trip we visited the famous Jardin Majorelle, part of a vast estate owned by Yves St. Laurent since the 1980s. Built by French artist and landscape designer Jacques Majorelle, the gardens have been a Marrakech tourist destination since they opened in the 1920s. The gardens are home to one of the largest collection of cactus species in the world, and hundreds of other plants and birds collected from around the globe. The buildings are painted a vibrant shade of blue so bright it looks surreal in person. Yves St. Laurent is buried in the gardens, his tomb was installed shortly before our visit. If you plan to visit Marrakech, be sure to add the Jardin Majorelle to your itinerary. Morocco - 2008-0903-DSC_0025
The many cacti found in the Jardin Majorelle

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