Weekend in Chicago
March 07, 2011
We spent a long weekend in Chicago, meeting up with Lana and Dean from San Francisco. Lana's birthday is the entire month of March, so we celebrated that plus seeing the sights. Dean used to live in Chicago, and Lana's been there many times. I was last there 15 years ago while working for Arthur Andersen, but this was Jessica's first trip.

We spent most of our time eating, planning meals, traveling to meals, waiting in line in the snow for meals and having cocktails. We also did an architectural walking tour of Chicago skyscrapers and spent the day at the Field History Museum.

I'm eager to return when the weather is better (it was cold and blustery), but I came away very impressed with Chicago. Nice town. Chicago - 2011-0304-KPK_2487
Lana and Dean on Michigan Avenue with the Hancock Tower in the background.
Chicago - 2011-0304-KPK_2546
Lana and Jessica on Michigan Avenue.
Chicago - 2011-0304-KPK_2589
Group photo beneath "The Bean" in Millennium Park.
Chicago - 2011-0305-KPK_2650 Chicago - 2011-0305-KPK_2648
Jessica, Lana and Dean at the Field History Museum.
Chicago - 2011-0305-KPK_2657
We ventured out to Hot Doug's for Chicago Hot Dogs and Sausages. We waited in the snow for 45 minutes for hot dogs.
An Assortment of Hot Dogs at Hot Dougs
3 hot dogs, 5 sausages and 2 orders of duck fat-fried potatoes.
Chicago - 2011-0304-KPK_2549
On our architectural tour of Chicago skyscrapers.
Chicago - 2011-0306-KPK_2740