Week One in Japan
May 03, 2010
Hello from Tokyo!

Just a quick update from our trip to Japan. We're having a great time, and getting to see much of Tokyo and surroundings at reasonable yet still somewhat breakneck pace.
There's a Krispy Kreme Donuts in front of our hotel in Shinjuku that has a 2-3 hour line 16 hours a day.

I haven't been posting many photos from this trip for a few reasons. First of all, I don't have a laptop and travel with an iPad, which is nice and convenient except that I can't download the photos from my Nikon. Apple makes an accessory to do this, but it was just being released as I left for Japan and I wasn't able to pick one up in time. We have Jessica's PC for work, but it can't process the RAW images that come from the Nikon.

In these occasions, I have another smaller camera that takes great photos and is more easily compatible with a variety of hardware. However, at Thursday's baseball game the camera fell out of my pocket and improbably into a newly purchased cup of beer. If I were to create a game whereby I drop a camera into a cup of beer, I probably wouldn't be very good at it as doing so on purpose presents a number of challenges, but this happenstance event was pretty remarkable. In fact, the splash from the impact rose about four feet in the air, hitting me in the face and really cementing its point. I was able to remove the camera's SD card, so its photos are safe but I'm afraid the camera may be a complete loss.
At the baseball game with the camera-swallowing beverage.

Thus, at this point, I have no pictures to share from the road save for a few taken with my iPhone. Its not the best camera, but not horrible either. And the phone makes it really easy to post photos on Flickr, to later be included here.

We spent three days in Tokyo, two days in Kyoto then back to Tokyo on Thursday to meet up with John McDermott who flew in from Hawaii. That night we went to a baseball game which was a riot, and have pretty much doing touristy sightseeing and food eating since. Jessica has been working 14-16 hour days since Friday so its astonishing to write that I've seen her about an hour a day for the past week. Her schedule lightens up soon so hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in some sightseeing this weekend.
One of our better meals: gyoza, chicken soup, rice and Asahi. at Gyoza Lou in Harajuku.

Today we're heading to the Imperial Palace and a beer museum (our cultural events are carefully balanced). I'll write more and share photos when I return, but suffice to say for now we're all having a great time, though I'm not sure I speak for Jessica in that regard.
Sushi at Gonpachi in Roppongi, Tokyo.
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