Habitat Cycle of Hope - Nearly Complete!
November 12, 2008
As you may know, Tod and I have been working on a project in support of Habitat for Humanity.  Bob Frick has been riding his bike across the US to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity East Bay.  Bob left nearly two months ago and is on schedule to complete his ride in St. Augustine, Florida this Saturday.

Bob is only $2,000 short of reaching his goal of raising $71,000 (Bob is 71 years old).  If you're interested in reading about Bob's journey or would like to make a donation (large or small), head on over to HabitatCycleofHope.com.

Team Bob has also partnered with Humanitas Winery to offer nice pack of wine with 20% of the proceeds going to Bob's cause.  A link to the wine offer is on the site.

If you're reading this, you likely have a kriskoeller.com account.  You can easily port your account to Bob's site and leave him words of encouragement near his triumphant endeavor.

Bob braving the flooded roads near the finish line.
tags: altruism