Highlighted Travel Photos: Paris from Notre Dame
November 11, 2008
Note from March 2011: Lately I've been revisiting a number of these travel photos, retouching and re-processing them a bit. I know a great deal more about how to fine-tune the camera's output, but also tastes change. I'll repost some more in the next few days.

Since I finally got around to posting pictures from Paris, here's one from the top of Notre Dame.  This was my third trip to Paris and on each of the previous, it wasn't possible to go to the top of the church due to construction.  The view here is toward Monmarte.  It was a bit of a gray day, but I also desaturated the color and warmed up the white balance.

Update: I've come around to liking the true-color version here. Sharpened a bit and straightened.