Highlighted Travel Photos: Food - Tagine of Chicken
October 01, 2008
DO attempt this at home...

I listen to a weekly podcast on photography, and one of the episodes had a rather long piece on photographing food.  At the time that seemed a bit much, rather pointed for a general program on taking pictures.  I suppose there are niche photographers who make a decent living photographing food for magazines, such as Real Simple, 7x7 and Food & Wine (each of these, by the way, feature excellent photography).  But since food is such an amazing and integral part of travel, I thought I would like to take some food pictures during our last trip. 

Above is the famous tagine of chicken.  This one we made at the Maison de Arabe cooking class and it was our first and favorite.  Though we grew to loathe this dish, we plan to make it here some day.  This was shot at close range with the 50mm F1.4 prime lens.  Sometimes extreme closeups of food make it less appetizing, but at least here you know what you're getting.  After six days and a half dozen tagine of chicken dishes later, the picture was unecessary as the image was burned into our retinas.