Highlighted Travel Photos: Wide Angle Lens
September 23, 2008

One of the new lenses I brought on this trip was a Takina 10-24MM wide angle lens.  This is not a fish eye, the radically wide lens that produces those round-ish looking photos that seem to go around the photographer.  A 10-24 is simply much wider than your standard kit lens or the zoom I usually carry. 

A wide angle is useful for landscapes, or capturing the entirety of a scene but not from very far away.  In this shot,  I was able to get most of the building's two towers in the photo, where as my standard lens would have capture only about 60% of this frame.  The Takina also has a very sharp focus and very rich color capture, which makes sky and foliage photos really pop. 

The nature of this lens will produce that somewhat distorted curvature on the perimeter of the frame, as in this photo the structures appear to lean towad the center of the photo.  If you photograph people with one of these lenses, its best to ensure they're in the center of the frame as much as possible as to avoid comically distorting their features.  Your picture will look much more life-like, and they'll thank you later.
tags: photography