Nasty Accident on Folsom Street
August 22, 2008
Somebody's weekend got off to a bad start around 7:30 this morning.  Being on 8th street, we get a lot of traffic noise as big trucks lumber down the street and cars speed toward the freeways headed south.  I heard what sounded like a pretty ordinary "boom-boom, rattle" sound this morning, followed quickly by one of the colorful street locals proclaiming, "DAMN! That dude flipped over!"

Naturally, I leapt to the window and got this photo as the smoke was still dissipating.  From what I can tell, he didn't collide with anyone/anything, but likely took the turn quite a bit too fast. Unfortunately, the ambulances indicated pretty serious injuries, though I don't know the outcome.  The traffic was a mess all morning.  Another dull moment in SoMa...