On the Road Again: Spain & Morocco
August 19, 2008
We're hitting the road again, leaving Tuesday, August 26th for a two week trip to Spain and Morocco.  

We arrive in London (briefly), then quickly travel south for three days of sun, beach and (hopefully great) food in Barcelona. I haven't been to Barcelona in nearly 20 years, but I remember it being a lot of fun, and more interesting than Madrid. 

Kris in Barcelona, 1989

On August 31 we'll head down to Malaga, Mijas and Gibraltar in Southern Spain (actually, Gibraltar is an overseas territory of Britain, but its located in Southern Spain. I hear there's a big rock there).   

Jessica & Kris at Buckingham Palace, April 2008

September 1st we'll be attending Julie and Nicole's wedding (see below), then off to Marrakech, Morocco for three days in the Medina.  September 5-7 we're taking an overland tour through the Atlas mountains, culminating in an overnight camel-trek into the Sahara.  We have one more night in Marrakech and return to London on September 8th. We'll be back in the US on September 9 (our flight leaves at 10:00AM and arrives in San Francisco at 1:00PM; thankfully, its a short three hour flight). 

Julie & Nicole

We arrive in Morocco the day after the start of Ramadan, so I suspect things will be a bit quiet.  Most of the locals flee the heat, but I'm hoping its really not too bad.  Famous last words. After visiting Turkey 3 years ago, I'm excited to go back and explore another Muslim country.  I remember the food was amazing, but the carpets...not so much. 

We'll sending updates from the road, so check back often, or subscribe to the newsfeed or make sure you're signed up for blog notices.  

Many thanks to Vince, Ana and Matt who are tag-team babysitting the dog during our absence.  Happy travels!