Its a Whole New
August 18, 2008
Hi, the new website went live today.  Believe it or not,  you're looking at it. It may not look very different, but it works very differently. Click around and try it out.  There's some bugginess in a few of the photo features, but its nearly complete for my trip to Europe next week. 

What's new: 
Check out the new blog organization; blogs are organized into categories to more easily find topics of interest. If you're not sure which blog to read, mouse over the blog title to see a brief popup thumbnail. 

The photos have been re-done to make it faster and snappier to navigate through a photo album, or you can watch an automatic slideshow at your own pace. 

More fun stuff is coming, but kick it around. Also, I'm bringing back the "Beers for Bugs" program.  Find an error? Send me a screenshot and I'll buy you a beer next time I see you.  If you find too many bugs, I may never see you again...

tags: technology