Beer Bottle Art
July 15, 2008
Tod used to fantasize about opening a railroad-side bar whose main attraction is that anytime a train would pass, the patrons would gather on the deck and throw their empties at the passing train. I never understood his fixation, but I do admit it sounds like fun. 

A performance artist has taken it step further, designing a beer bottle rig that fires a clip of empties at a wall at 373MPH. I don't think I would put this into the hands of beer-drinking bar patrons, but I would like to see this fired at a moving train.. 

From Gizmodo: "Now this is what I call art. It's a sculpture/robot that flings empty beer bottles at a solid wall at 373 MPH, smashing them to smithereens. As the exhibit goes on during the day, a pile of green shards of glass piles up under the wall. It's a comment on rock and roll or something, but I'm a simple man. I just like seeing things smash. If you're like me, you can go check out the cannon at the SUPERDOME exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris."

tags: technology