What a Difference a Year Makes...
June 06, 2008
Sunday is the official one year anniversary that I left Gap Inc. after 10 years. Since then I've been traveling, taking pictures, working on some pet web projects (like this one), doing some consulting and a bit of volunteer work. This I can say without hyperbole: no regrets.

I read a bunch of articles on retirement (this is a sabbatical, not retirement) but a few themes were clear:

1. Have a plan. Don't sleep until noon, stay out all night and watch TV. Do that for a few days, but afterward you'll be bored hopeless, which quickly leads to despair and depression.

2. Make the most of it. If each day out of work is precious, treat is as such but don't feel freaked out if you're not doing something amazing every single day. Set meaningful goals to accomplish at least 1 important thing each day (wash the car, buy stamps, sort your photos).

3. Don't retire. Take breaks. As this year closes and I'm fully engaged in job search, I'm pretty energized and ready to jump into something big, new and important. I imagine I could work well into my years if I take periodic, extended breaks.

Well, that's enough preaching. I'm pretty much done traveling. Tod and I are going backpacking next week, and playing golf along the way. When we return, we're doing some work for Habitat for Humanity and thinking about the future.