Who Wants Another Set-Top Box? Hint: Not Me
May 21, 2008
Much was made of Netflix' new set-top streaming device for instantly watching selected movies from your Netflix queue on your TV. I have a Mac Mini attached to my TV, and that Mac Mini can run windows thus it can already display movies from my watch-now queue.

Its a convoluted configuration I admit, but it works for me...for now. I commend Netflix for moving forward on this approach. If they had their entire catalog online, I would jump in an instant. However, the titles they offer at the moment aren't that compelling; sort of like watching TNT on a Friday at midnight. Do I need to pay $99 to watch Roadhouse?

Apple's thingy (called AppleTV) is more interesting, and I suppose there's still some weird outside chance that Apple could buy Netflix with their impressive cache of cash: $20B. Until then, I'll keep renting physical media (meaning, DVD's) from Netflix. At least then I can do the HandBrake thing, which to me is real value...

tags: technology