There's Something Oddly Satisfying about Tracking a Package
March 28, 2008
A few years ago I watched this show on TV about these women who were addicted to QVC and catalog shopping. They described in great detail the thrill and excitement they got from tracking their packages, receiving them, unpacking them and, oddly, how once they had the item they seldom paid any attention to it. I see this all the in the geek world. There's a funny site dedicated to unpacking new gadgets, called Call it gadget porn, but there they photograph in surprising detail, each step of uncrating the latest new "thing."

A few posts ago I talked about my dissatisfaction with the Sony point and shoot camera I bought. I returned that yesterday, and last night ordered a Canon PowerShot D1000. My shopping process was simple: what's the best selling, highest rated camera on Amazon? The Canon D1000. The price? $160. Sounds good. One-click later it was on its way. This morning I received the shipping notice with all its tracking number goodness from the US Postal Service. I can't promise I won't photograph the unboxing, but I doubt it. Stay tuned for more package tracking fun as I plan on buying a new lens...

tags: technology