Amazing Advances in Egg Dyeing Technology
March 25, 2008
OK, that title is misleading. Sunday evening we bought the "deluxe" PAAS Easter Egg dyeing kit and were amused at how little that stuff has changed in 30 years. You still need vinegar to really set the colors, and you still dissolve little tablets in individual cups for dyeing. Newer technologies are the wraps which they call Egg-Around; little plastic decorative labels that shrink to the egg when exposed to heat. These by far produced the most impressive results, leaving you to believe that some elaborate artwork had been done to hand paint these eggs. In the future, I'll look for these.

Now that we have these dyed, hard-boiled eggs I'm not sure what we'll do with them. Tonight we're making Cobb salad. But, something tells me we should have been keeping these things in the fridge the past few days. I'll let you know how that goes...