Marco Island Gator Hunt
March 21, 2008
Today we went on an airboat ride and gator safari at Erv's Airboats and Safari outside of Marco Island near the Everglades National Park. Our goal was to 1) ride the airboats and 2) see gators. Because of the season, we didn't see many gators on our ride. In fact, we didn't see any. Turns out when the rains stop, the water gets too salty and the gators retreat from this habitat. On our way back, we stopped and took a short nature walk and saw a few, including this gator and its baby. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see a full-grown female gator nearly fully submerged, with a baby gator (about 10 inches or so) floating on her head. Pretty cool, but really hard to see in the lighting.

Afterward, we hit Burger King (sigh), some beach time then back to the Hideaway Beachclub for Italian Night which was quite great. Afterward, we went for ice cream, then back home for more basketball, Jenga (I didn't lose), and Scrabble, which I won (a rare feat). So, all in all a good day. Tomorrow, I head back to San Francisco.