Windy Day of Golf at Hibiscus Golf Club
March 18, 2008
Played the Hibiscus Golf Club in Naples, FL today. It was sunny, 85 and super windy. However, the course was very forgiving and well suited for those of us who don't play too often (ahem). Other excuses I may present for my less than stellar play include: I used rental clubs (they were quite nice), I wore my dad's spare golf shoes that were a half size too small, and...did I mention the wind?

My mom, dad, nephew Keane and I played 18 holes in about 4 hours, then retired to the FoxBoro Sports Bar for wings, chips and burgers. Yes, its owned by a Patriots' fan. I'm still exhausted from my red-eye the other night, that process seems to get harder and harder. Tomorrow the Horner crew arrives and I suppose thats when the true madness begins...