Wrote for my iPhone...
February 27, 2008
The new RollYourOwnHome.com publishing site is nearly ready for the next phase. The last piece to build is an iPhone interface to access any of the sites from, well, an iPhone. Writing the backend is not that difficult, similar to the WAP version that already exists. WAP stands for Wireless Access Protocol and is a super lightweight version of HTML ideally suited for display on mobile phones.

The iPhone's Safari browser is extraordinarily robust and really obviates the need for an iPhone-specific site, but if you've seen the utility of iPhone formatted sites they are much easier to navigate. The brains behind an iPhone interface is a pretty straightforward implementation of CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. Trouble is, I never learned CSS so I'm both trying to learn CSS and code for the iPhone at the same time. As such, the process is going slowly. (The JavaScript will have to come later).

Tomorrow I'll post the link to the iPhone site, and by then the site will detect an iPhone browser and flip you over to the iPhone site, if that's your preference. We shall see.

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tags: technology