Aperture 2
February 22, 2008
One of the many joys of my extended sabbatical has been having the time to really, REALLY dig into things I've had on the backburner for some time. One of those items has been to get a lot smarter about the technical aspects of photography, including the in-depth workings of my Nikon D80 as well as the photo management software I use after shooting.

Both of these come with pretty extensive, but painfully dry documentation that, although exceedingly thorough, wasn't very insightful. For example, it will describe how to adjust the RGB levels in a photo, but never would it talk about why you might want to do that.

I did find a very good 140 minute tutorial on all the workings of the D80, and I actually learned alot. Its amazing how many features get packed into that device, and I'm sure that most of them are never used. Second, I upgraded to the new Apple Aperture software for organizing and retouching photographs. The change was a good one and the results have been stellar. The system is much faster, but that could be attributed to my 8 processor, 10 GB of RAM Mac Pro. The tuning instruments are much more subtle and precise, and the RAW processing is far greater. Where Apple has done a great job is through their website posting hours of video tutorials that take you step-by-step through how to get the most out of their software and your pictures.

The nice thing about all of this, even if its meaningless to non-photographers, is it allows me to go back and re-process many of my favorite photos so I can take them to the next level. Who knows, I might actually print a few and hang them in my place... In case you were wondering, I do have a lot of photos. In fact, there are 13,115 live photos on kriskoeller.com. In fact, the whole reason I created the original version of this website was so I could organize and share photos. It grew from there...

In the coming weeks I'll be re-touching and posting some photos on this blog, so check back often, or simply subscribe to the RSS feed below.

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