Knight Rider 2.0: Truly Awful
February 19, 2008
The other night I watched NBC's remake of the 1980's cult classic Knight Rider. First of all, this show was bought and paid for by Ford. The original KITT was a Trans AM, and this version is a Shelby Mustang (which is some cooler than the original, but annoyingly voiced by Val Kilmer).

Its interesting to see what makes it way on television these days. You would think all of Hollywood's screenwriters were on strike. Preceding this show was the two hour finale, whatever that means, of America Gladiator - another remake...of an 1980's reality show. Is this the future of television? I'm guessing yes.

Sadly, the best part of Knight Rider was a cameo by the Hoff, but even that sucked. I guess he'll probably be worked into the show somehow in some effort to recapture the program's original fans. That David Hasslehoff was once a sex symbol is a curiosity to say the least.

While some remakes have been truly inspired (the modern Battlestar Galactica is, in my opinion, the best show on TV right now), this is a 45 minute Ford commercial. 45 minutes stretched over 2 hours. David Hasslehoff is not known for making wise decisions, but even he seemed uncomfortable. I think once LOST goes into reruns, I'll switch off my DirecTV until the Fall. I can't get most of channels in HD anyway...