2008 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am
February 10, 2008
Today we used Tod's unneeded tickets to attend the final of the AT&T Celebrity Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. After three grueling days of rounds at Pebble Beach, Spyglass and Poppy Springs, the 60 top pros and 24 top amateurs meet at Pebble Beach on Sunday to pick a winner. "Amateur" in this regard is an odd term as the non-PGA players are the likes of Dan Marino, Bill Murray, Kevin Costner, Michael Bolton (the singer, not the guy from Office Space) and Andy Garcia. Basically, rich guys with lots of time on their hands to work their game down to "scratch".

The Sunday pairings turned out to be a little misleading, as the would-be-winner, Vijay Singh, seemed poised to run away with the cup (and the $1.05M check). However, Steve Lowery, winless in 8 years of PGA play, came from behind to clinch the title. Much of his thanks goes to Vijay, who hit into the tree on the fairway on 18, then hit two bunkers on the sudden death hole to give up the title and go home with 500,000 fewer dollars in his pocket. Woe to him.

The event was really enjoyable. I had not attended a 1st-tier pro tournament like this, and it was fun seeing the pros up close as well as a number of sports and hollywood celebrities (and Michael Bolton, the singer no the guy from Office Space). These are corporate events, and don't be mistaken about it. I doubt seriously that anyone in attendance paid for their tickets. We were guests of First Republic Bank, and very much appreciated their 18th green luxury box with open bar and all-day food. I've never been in a First Republic branch, but I'm sure they're nice. The bankers were certainly enjoying themselves, and I would imagine many of them won't be behind the counter tomorrow.

In closing, Kevin Costner is an old man; especially in person.