Super Tuesday: February 5, 2008
February 04, 2008
Tomorrow will be an historic day in the presidential election process. Eager to bask in the limelight, clout and dollars that New Hampshire and Iowa have enjoyed for so many years, many states, including California, have moved their primaries earlier in the calendar in hopes of allowing those states' voters to have a bigger outcome on the election process. Not to mention, allow those states to receive the millions of campaign dollars that the candidates bring. Historically, California's primary was in June, long after the race was decided, and the state's 400+ delegates were typically cast along side the presumptive winner.

This year California and 24 other states vote on February 5. This is first year that California voters will be making a difference, and a huge one at that. Never before have candidates made so many trips out to the Golden State, making appearances, raising funds and meeting with voters. I've lived here 13 years, and this is the first time I've ever seen a Republican Presidential Primary advertisement on TV (they don't typically spend much money here in the general election). I'm eager for tomorrow's vote. Not because I'll be participating in a historical primary that expects record voter turnout, but mostly because I can't stand to watch another campaign ad urging California voters to support/reject Indian gaming agreements. I'll vote for whomever stops their commercials first. I promise.

I can't help but think it must be just another humiliation for a tribal spokesman, with his pony tail and turquoise neckwear, pleading with voters to allow the tribes to add more slot machines. Its sad its come to this. However, those slot machines make a lot of money, and as long as that money is going to the State and not to Nevada, I'll vote for it. Caveat: I'm assuming this means more Wheel of Fortune machines, but I haven't checked.