My Tofu House
January 27, 2008
Yum. Today we changed our plans and went for dinner at one of Jessica's emerging San Francisco favorites, My Tofu House. They specialize in a tasty variety of Korean tofu preparations, perfect for vegetarians, yet they also have delicious Korean BBQ for the meat-eaters in your party. Neither of us are vegetarians, but Jessica does like her tofu.

For the record, I don't care much for tofu. I've tried it on numerous occasions, and although I don't dislike it, I wouldn't order it over something else, specially sliced broiled ribeye. A hot steaming clay pot of tofu (and I mean hot, the clay pot is about 500 degrees when served) and a plate of sizzling onions and ribs, perfect on a 45 degree rainy day.

In an odd twist when we arrived, there were a group of young kids finishing their dinner. They were a lively group, and seemed to be getting along ok. Several of the young men went out for a smoke on the sidewalk outside our table. Shortly after, we heard a ruckus and saw someone hitting against the glass. I stood up and saw about five guys beating the living crap out of one of their "friends" in the street. When he finally got up, he was pretty bloodied on his face and arms, and I'm sure had a few broken ribs by the way he was kicked while on the ground. His "friends" picked him up, and they all left together. Weird. Weird. Weird.

I should also report that its still raining, and its dreadfully windy.