My God, Its Raining...
January 25, 2008
For the 5th day in a row, we've had torrential rains here in San Francisco. San Francisco gets on average about 20 inches of rain per year, almost all of it in January and February. Today alone we've received about 3 inches. When it rains heavily, the greater Bay Area, Delta and Sacramento Valley drain into the Bay, sometimes causing water levels to rise. In the case of concentrated storm systems, low pressure, high winds and epic inflows of fresh water cause tides to blow significantly over the storm walls along the Embarcadero.

Today I was downtown meeting with a search firm and saw geyser-like eruptions of water exploding out of the storm drains as the tide forced water up into the City's drainage system. In addition, waves were lapping over the waterfront leaving many of the city's streets under water.

In Marin, the city of San Anselmo was calling for mandatory evacuations due to flooding (San Anselmo got about 5 inches of rain today).

The forecast for the next 7 days: rain (lots of it) and 45 degrees. By Monday I'll start building my ark.