So Long, TiVo...
January 24, 2008
Today was a sad day. Today I said goodbye to my friend of 4 years, TiVo. DirecTV and TiVo had a spat and went their separate ways. Tough luck for TiVo, in my opinion. DirecTV built their own HD DVR, which they offered for free so I can now record their 85 HD channels and do all my other crazy satellite/XM/DVR stuff at no cost.

TiVo is widely renowned and loved for their easy-to-use, intuitive software. The TiVo interface is synonymous with the term "DVR." Even though I no longer use a TiVo, I'll continue to "TiVo" my favorite programs.

TiVo and DirecTV should be wary of emerging trends. Internet-based programing will soon and surely usurp this format, and cable (Beware,'re days of the most-hated cable brand are numbered; not because you will be less hated, but rather you will simply be less). IP services and movie offerings from both Apple and NetFlix are the way to go. DirecTV is a holdover until simply everything I want to watch is easily and inexpensively downloadable, watchable on my TV or iPhone or iPod or device of my choosing.

In the meantime, I really liked the HD TiVo, for which I paid nearly $1,000 4 years ago and today is given away free. Oh well. Times are a-changing.

tags: technology