Another Night Out?
January 19, 2008
signs point to yes...

Went to dinner with Vince, Ana, John, Carey, Jessica and Lutz (Ana's friend in town from Zurich). We went to Tres Agaves for Mexican food. Good stuff. They are purveyors of fine tequila, but we pretty much stuck to the food and a few pitchers of margaritas.

Afterward, we went back to Etiquette (were there last night) for a birthday party, but didn't stay long. After WeeklyBarNight on Thursday, Etiquette on Friday and more of a night out on Saturday, its time to hang it up early.

Tomorrow Jessica has to start working in the big Banana store. I'm going to see Cloverfield with Nicole; heard good things!

For no reason, I took the picture below in the bathroom at Etiquette. I guess this proves I was there?