Ask Me About Steak
January 18, 2008
Tonight I had dinner with Matt Poehler largely due to an ill-advised wager I made last year.

During last year's NFL playoffs, I bet Matt that the Chiefs would somehow beat the Indianapolis Colts. Obviously, Peyton Manning and the Colts won the SuperBowl so I lost the bet. We had a regular MeatNight on the schedule at the Lark Creek Steak restaurant in the new mall. Turns out the MeatNight meal was largely a disaster, where each diner was assured of receiving some meal he didn't order. In addition, the meal was outrageously expensive - about $200 per person. Because of my lost wager, I picked up Matt's meal and mine. To Matt's credit, he did protest feeling I was being unjustly penalized for such a bet.

Feeling bad about the whole deal, Matt offered to take me to dinner based on the receipt of a Lark Creek gift certificate which we gladly redeemed tonight. It was well worth it, with ribeyes served all around. Mmmm..., blackened ribeye.

Anyway, thanks, Matt. Not necessary as I was foolish to bet on the Chiefs but appreciated nonetheless. Since, I've made no recallable wagers based on steaks or the Chiefs.