Errands, Errata and the BCS Championship
January 07, 2008
Got up at 5:00am today to help send off two sets of travelers headed back to Lawrence, KS. The Hustons were driving to Orlando to catch their flight to KCI, and the Occhipintos were driving north toward Tennesse, the halfway point on their two-day drive back to Lawrence.

For my part, I spent the day folding towels and doing laundry, pausing long enough only to attempt finishing the orange juice and the chocolate cream pie. So much for the perenial new year resolution about eating better.

I went to Naples for dinner, at one of my new local favorites, The Strip House. I dined on red meat and onion rings while watching the BCS Championship game (see above about eating better) . The game was entertaining to a point, but then LSU ran away with it. At one point there were plausible scenarios that had Kansas in this game, but after watching this game I'm pretty convinced KU would have been easily disassembled by either team.

Looking forward to coming home tomorrow. Think I'll stay put for a while.