A Whole Lotta Nada
January 06, 2008
Building sandcastles on Hideaway Beach

Today was one of those perfect days in Marco; get up around 10:30, go to Starbucks for coffee and light breakfast, come back and head down to the beach around 11:30. Lie in the sun until about 1:00, round up the crew and head to the SandBar for lunch and Pina Coladas around 1:00, get back for some light football and more lounging until about 3:30. Start mixing cocktails until the sun goes down, then come inside, cleanup and head to Winn Dixie for groceries to make dinner; chicken, pasta, potatoes followed by two types of pie: key lime (not for me) and chocolate cream (for me).

The weather was banner Southwest Florida weather, sunny and about 82. This was the first typically Florida day since I've been here. The Occhipintos (my sister's family) and the Hustons leave tomorrow for Lawrence; one family is driving, the other is flying. Either way, everyone's up at 5:00am tomorrow (including me), then I'm headed back to bed.

Doing nothing means accomplishing little. We didn't dig any significant new holes, though Brennan claims he is due on a $10 wager I made him, doubting he could connect two holes with a tunnel big enough to crawl through. The holes were clearly not big enough, nor would any of the moms let them attempt the sojourn so the point was moot, and the wager null and void. Brennan, my attorney will shortly be drafting a letter stating such facts.

Rylie, me and Cailey on the beach...

Beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico