Today I Dug a Giant Hole
January 05, 2008

Yesterday I lamented a bit about being tired. Today, we did pretty much nothing of note. Got up late, went down to the beach, and for reasons unknown, dug a giant hole in the beach in which we could fit several kids. At one point we dug tunnels from one hole to the next, like the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, but the sun set before we could travel from one to the other.

Later, we went for Mexican food at La Casita featuring "Live Entertainment" from Gary D the DJ, a Jamaican guy with a good voice but seemed flummoxed when we asked him to recite the "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" cheer, which he did reluctantly admitting, "I hope I didn't just swear". Afterward, we met up with DJ Gary at "some place behind MAC-Donalds", which turned out to be in the Esplanade. I'm sure the kids weren't allowed, but we filled the dance floor until at least 11:30, which is like 4:00 AM in Marco. A good time. Oh, and for the record, I did sing Karaoke with an awfully tatooed singer to, "Mustang Sally." I won't deny this.

The Conga line at La Casita was well attended, as seen below. Yes, I am sore from yesterday's football, and will probably be sore tomorrow from today's Giant Hole Digging but oh well, I'm on vacation.

Rylie in a sombrero