The day after...
January 04, 2008
Yesterday we got back from the Orange Bowl about 3:00 AM local time and then slept until about noon. The long drive back from Kansas, the NYE party the night after, the redeye the night after that then the all day outdoor Orange Bowl festivities, the game and subsequent drive left me feeling, well a bit tired.

We played football on the beach today with my nephew and his friends for about 2 hours. I don't do a bunch of sprinting and jumping in my day to day activities and I'm feeling that already. We watched the game again on TiVo today. Its interesting how different the game looks when you can skip all the commercials, the commercial breaks, the time-outs, etc. Even on replay, it was pretty exciting. I guess that's lame but it was fun.

Tonight we ordered a pizza and watched a movie in a dazed stupor, turning in for bed around 10:00. I think the next few days will be a whole lotta nothing which will be nice after all the running around. We'll see. The weather is still a bit cool, but its starting to warm up nicely and tomorrow will be in the high 70's. Catching up on sleep.