Rock Out with Your Hawk Out: 2008 Orange Bowl
January 03, 2008
Kansas 24

Virginia Tech 21

Attended the Orange Bowl in Miami tonight, and had a great time. The weather was less than perfect, pretty chilly with some occasional rain but not bad once the game started. I met up with my sister and her family who drove from Kansas two days ago (who would drive so far?). The pre-game tailgate party was a bit much, you basically pay $20 to enter a parking lot and enjoy really loud and mediocre local rock bands, and the opportunity to buy expensive food and $7 beers. We got there around 2:00, and by the time the game started, most of the fans were pretty wasted. I was done with tailgating.

I had a bit of an adventure getting to the actual game. I googled "Orange Bowl" on my iPhone and got prompt directions from my hotel. Upon checkout, I also got directions from the hotel on how to get to the Orange Bowl. In about 20 minutes, I arrived at the burnt out relic of the once great Orange Bowl Stadium, in a less than desirable part of town and to the amusement of many locals who reveled in the notion that I would not be the last to arrive here on the day of the big game. In fact, I saw about 3-4 dozen dazed and confused looking fans milling around the stadium, in wonderment that such an august game would be played here. Doing some research, I was quickly on my way to Dolphin Stadium and arrived about a half hour later.

The game was pretty exciting and I of course am pleased with its outcome. It was also nice to see such a large KU turnout, seemingly in excess of the Virginia Tech fans. Traffic leaving the game was atrocious, but made it to Marco around 3:00 AM.
Jimmy Johnson and Crew at the Orange Bowl

The photo below was from one of the official Orange Bowl ATM's depicting some other, fictional rivalry... I think they better find a better fact-checker...