Welcome to Miami - Bundle up!
January 02, 2008
JetBlue from Oakland to Ft Lauderdale

I'm in Miami, Florida at the moment, here to attend the 2008 Orange Bowl between the Kansas Jayhawks and the dreaded Virginia Tech Hokies. More on that later.

I'm not traveling with a camera this time, just my iPhone. Hopefully the point can still get across...

I've decided I like Miami. Its a sort of like a warm-weather facsimile of New York, and by that I mean If you've ever received a fax, its usually crooked and hard to read. its like New York, or it would like to be, but not quite. If you want to eat at Nobu, Cafeteria or Bond Street, they have those here, and they have a Barney's and other NYC transplants but its not quite the same. You'll see lots of Europeans here, throwing their Euros around like bigshots (1.7 to the dollar, last time I checked).

Miami Beach is going through a bit of a revitalization, almost all of the once proud Art-Deco hotels are either renovated or being renovated. There's a vibrant club scene and ample nightlife, and the beautiful, proud and pretentious come out to play. Its fun, but the night ends early at 2:00 AM (like California, but not like NYC).

Tonight I had some pretty good sushi at Bond Street, and sampled a couple of light dishes at Nobu,which, in my opinion, were not as good as Bond Street and surely not as good as the food I had at Nobu in Hawaii. Drinks are pricey, the average cocktail will run about $15-$17 and you'll get lots of attitude along the way.

I'm staying at Townhouse, which is nice and well located at 20th and Collins. I prefer the Delano at the top of my list, followed by the Sagamore, but they were both hopelessly sold out and expensive likely due to this being the high season and with the Orange Bowl fans in town.

Twice in the past year I've been to Miami during what was described as "Once in 50 years" cold snaps. Today it was in the 40's, last time in the high 50's. That's not crazy cold by New York, Kansas City or even San Francisco standards, but when you pack for beach weather (think Honolulu) it kinda sucks. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow.

Headed to bed as last night's red-eye on JetBlue from Oakland is taking its toll, probably because its following the previous night's sleep deprived New Year's festivities. Tomorrow is the Orange Bowl tailgate party starting around 2:00, the game is at 8:00 and afterward I have a two hour drive to Marco Island where I'll be spending the next few days relaxing, catching up on sleep and hopefully getting in some beach time. I'll be meeting up with my sister and family, the Occhipintos, for the duration of the Orange Bowl festivities.

Cheers for now, KPK