Its the Best 2008 Ever!
January 01, 2008

Kicking off the new year, I'll start by recapping some of my more important new year resolutions (above the typical ones: eat better, exercise more, work less...ha ha).

First and foremost, I resolve to cook at least 5 nights a week. Since I quit working, I started eating out less and I was amazed at how much money I was saving. I love going out, but cooking is becoming alot of fun as well and I'm slowly developing some useful skills. To support this, I'm thinking of enrolling in some culinary classes (not culinary school, I don't need $80,000 in student debt and a low-paying job). I'll update on that shortly.

I'll be hosting dinner parties once I get my kitchen table, so please confirm when invited.

Cheers, happy new year and bon appetite!