A Visit to Jamaica: Three Days in Montego Bay
September 28, 2015
This past weekend we took a short trip to Jamaica, holing up in a large house outside of Montego Bay with a group of friends. Brooklynites Moki and Ragini organized a terrific stay at one of the big villas at Half Moon Resort, with the intention of sun, sand, surf rum and little else ("little else" ended up including a spa, swimming with dolphins and lots of jerk chicken).

This was our first trip to Jamaica; it was an easy and inexpensive flight, the weather was perfect, the food was great and the Jamaican people are warm and hospitable. Given our time constraints, we didn't see much of the country outside our resort, but we're keen to return and do more exploring. We've had a lot going on this year, and this was our first and only getaway in 2015. It was a very short but welcome break.

Thanks again to Moki and Ragini for organizing. Enjoy the photos below; be sure to click each to enlarge full screen. Me and Jessica at Half Moon Resort The Yellow Bird cocktail (basically a Mai Tai) Stormy seas upon arrival Our villa beneath some ominous storm clouds One of the beach cottages (Queen Elizabeth once stayed here). The staff warned us this was the crowded beach

Each day someone would come by and offer to fetch coconuts from the top of the trees. Not long ago, I would have tried this myself, but for a few dollars it was better left in more capable hands (and feet). Coconuts upon request Money well-spent Swimming with the dolphins. Floating around Floating around V2

Each evening the clouds would roll in and we'd get some exciting lightning, thunder and rain, but only for a few minutes. The energetic weather made for dramatic sunsets. Sunset on Day 1 Sunset on our last day Dramatic clouds at sunset