A Visit to the Cloisters
June 22, 2015
This past weekend we met up with San Francisco friends Scott & Caroline Brooks (recently and wisely relocated to New York City) to visit the Cloisters gardens and museum in upper Manhattan. There's a few things about the Cloisters I didn't know: 1) it is a museum and not just a collection of gardens 2) it is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 3) it is one of the premier collections of medieval art in the world 4) it is comprised of historical buildings purchased and relocated from Europe 5) it was bankrolled by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 6) it can be quite cold and damp in New York in June.

Right after we arrived, it started raining, and rained for the next few hours, but we had an enjoyable visit led by a knowledgeable and extensive (exhaustive?) tour guide. I've included a few photos of the museum below, and of the group attending. I'd like to go back and see the gardens again when the weather is better, but for now I can check this box.
Excited about museums in the rain
"Yay, antiquity!"
The garden just as the heavy rain starts to come down.
Statues galore.
A rebuilt chapel relocated from France.
Stained glass, more statues.
A doorway from...?
Another chapel
Jessica and Kris in the garden following the rain.
Caroline & Scott
A more subdued post-museum group shot.