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May 19, 2012 at 10:59 PM

Urgent: Assistant Manager Job Opportunity


I don't often get unsolicited job opportunities via email, and when I do I typically discard them without reading. However, this one was worth sharing.

From: Rebecca Silen-Pagidas
Date: May 18, 2012 9:32:46 PM EDT
To: Kris Koeller
Subject: Urgent - Assistant Manager Job Opening


This mail is constituted to the candidate who was regarded as characterized upon regarding his biodata found on the following sources.

Consent me to present a short introduction of our firm to you.
Our company was established in 1983 when its co-promoters recognized the chance to provide absolute unlike advice and applicative support to firms considering operational and fiscal complications  moments demanding move, impartiality and true products.

Often compared to corporate doctors, the founders set up a growth for years  mingling together a mix of operating business managers, working experts and counselors.
The firm developed at a measured pace to maintain degree and enhance worldwide influence and abilities.

From worldwide charge projecting to orienting home-born legislations, our charge masters have a distinguished breakthrough for negotiating with large companies and their limited-partners to address complex tax questions.

Our enterprise stands for 5 years on the market of implementation improvement solutions and interim guidance in United States of America and we are one of the main players on this market . We help our customers improving their discharge and furnish them legal and allowable tax shields that help in tax load optimization.

If you consider yourself as resistant team player you should to apply for a job interview with our HR office. If you like working out of conveniences of your own house  we can give you this opportunity also. We are making offer full-time and part-time work to sincere and reliable people with time management capabilities and good work ethics.

This are chief demands that we are hoping to see in presentees:

- Organizing skills that let you to work and multitask in a fast emerging environment without making mistakes
- Designing skills and rapid access to information. MS Office skills
- Competence to work under coercion.

Your responsibilities:

- Managing and processing discharges from the customers in the name of ours
- Organization of weekly and month-end accounts
- springing out from upper management directions

Salary: Basic payment of 5% commissions and 2.000 for every handled transaction. Corporation will also reimburse complete banking and other work regarded pays.

Appointment that is up to date accessible: Financial associate

You can deal with total features with our HR business managers at all hours favourable for you. After initial relationship we will find a new contact with you per email or phone immediately.

If hold an interest in - please direct your biodata per this e-mail.

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