New Addition to the Koeller Family
June 26, 2011
Guest post from Warren Koeller:

Little boy puppy - brought him home today. Is a Bachon mix, 12 weeks old, weighs 4 pounds 3 ounces. His official name is "Prince Theodore", his common name is "Teddy" as he looks and feels like a teddy bear.

So far, house training is going badly, definitely has not caught on. Going to take some serious effort.

He follows us around like he has known us forever. He walked right up to the old bitty cat and licked her on the face - she looked at me and said "what the shit is this and how long is it going to be here?" Cat just turned around and walked off, the next time he tried it, she hissed and growled a bit but didn't seem to bother him at all. Is going to take some time for the cat to accept the new addition.
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