Photography Class Week 7 - That's a Wrap!
April 01, 2011
Last night was the last of my seven photography classes.  There was no homework for this week, other than to think of a lighting design to use when working with a model.  Previously we had photographed these disturbing cowboy mannequins, but the final class was to involve a real person. 

Each person was to design a lighting scheme and direct the shoot.  The first two photos below are for the setup that I created, which was inspired by a photograph of Ashley Olsen.  Our model doesn't really look like Ashley Olsen, in fact the agency was supposed to send a female model but no worries. 

Working with a model is a bit awkward at first, as you have to be willing to be very directive and precise about what you want them to do, but in the end, if they're a pro, they don't mind and often bring good suggestions. 

Shoot 1: Low key lighting. These were shot with a low-power spot on the model's face, and a softbox to the model's right. The setup can be seen in the first photo. 

Shoot 2: This was another student's design, which used a white backdrop lit by two strobes, and no other lighting.