Update: My Friend John is a Famous Actor - With Screenshots
April 06, 2010
From John McDermott in Hawaii:

I know a few of you have not heard from me in awhile, but I did not have much interesting to report until now.  I will be making a brief cameo (very brief) on the tv show Lost tonight.  Episode 11 "Happily Ever After".  

Since I am still unemployed and had some time on my hands I was able to get myself in as an extra for Lost. (Thanks to Matt and Serra that is)  You can look for me in two places, provided they didn't edit out my scenes completely.  

First and most likely to appear:  I will be dressed as a cop outside the LA Airport Courthouse.  Charlie will walk right past me as he leaves the building.  I will be on the right sporting a uniform and a nasty side part that the shows stylist said looked more police like.  I pretty much just stand there as he walks buy and then stops to talk to Desmond on the sidewalk.  I say nothing in either scene as you need to be in SAG (Screen Actors Guild) before you can speak on camera.  

Second harder to spot:  Charlie and Desmond go into a bar across the street.  In some takes I was in background shooting pool, and at others I was sitting by myself nursing a whisky, and some I was not in at all.  In this scene I am wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a baseball [cap].  

Be sure to look for John on tonight's LOST, despite the jeans, t-shirt and ball cap being an unlikely disguise...

Update: A few screen shots courtesy of the iPad's ABC app.  In these scenes you can see John dressed as a cop apparently "guarding" the entrance.